Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Relief Provided by Miracle Flights for Kids is Palpable

For a family to get their sick children a flight to wherever the best treatment is can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible. The people who established Miracle Flights for Kids thought that was an unconscionable burden and they decided someone had to fix the situation. And fix it they have. In fact, over the years, they have provided more than 100,000 flights to sick children and their families, covering more than 55 million miles.

Miracle Flights for Kids has an outreach program that asks for the help of people all over the United States, to spread the word about their services. Overall, they really hope that no child who needs help to receive treatment for a life-altering or life threatening illness is ever denied access because they are unable to pay for today's high costs of airline travel. Miracle Flights for Kids has won many awards for their services, including many awards as top-rated non-profit, as well as humanitarian awards and even a couple of lifetime achievement awards. Many children have received the treatment they needed for their children, regardless of where it was located thanks to Miracle Flights for Children.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

100K Miracle Flights for Kids and Counting

What Miracle Flights for Kids provides an absolutely necessary service to families of sick children. And there are a lot of them; based statistics, approximately 30 million Americans have some sort of a rare disease that either shortens their lives or otherwise negatively affects their life in some way. More troubling is that about half of these ill Americans are children and a great many won’t live to see their fifth birthday.

Since they began operation in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown into one of largest and most significant nonprofit health and welfare flight organizations in the country. Over that time, the organization has provided flights to more than 100,000 sick children and their families. In all, those flights have thus far covered more than 55 million miles.

Miracle Flights for Kids has provided that many families of sick children with the financial assistance they needed in order to obtain the medical flights that helped to make their seriously ill children feel better. Thanks to the help they receive from Miracle Flights for Kids, a great many many children have been able to see the medical experts who are capable of providing them with the life-altering or life-saving medical care they needed. That help often came in the form of follow-up treatments or even second opinions; whatever they needed to live a longer and healthier life. That means a lot to thousands of families. Miracle Flights for Kids has been able to put families at ease and to make sure that a lack of money was no barrier to helping their child get well.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Miracle Flights for Kids and Ann McGee

Ann Mcgee saw a need for children to have access to medical care via air transportation and it is why she founded Miracle Flights for Kids. Since its founding, Miracle Flights for Kids has continued to make serving these aviation needs for children their top priority. There was and still is a great need for children and families to have access to specialized medical care. These families needed help and Miracle Flights for Kids has been providing that assistance in the organization and coordination of flights for these children. These flights significantly improve the children’s and their family’s lives. Miracle Flights for Kids now gives seriously ill children access to life-altering, life-saving medical care and second opinions from experts and specialists throughout the nation.